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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cure Your Heart with Natural Remedies!

A Healthy Heart, A Healthy You!
Heart ailments are a widespread problem around the globe. The basic causes of heart disease are unhealthy, stress-filled and chaotic lifestyle. Common symptoms of heart disease are shortness of breath, chest pain or pain down either of the arms, palpitations, emotional instability, fainting, frequent perspiration, cold hands and feet, and fatigue. 
Let us treat the heart with our age old, effective natural remedies and that too, without any side effects.
  1. Drinking a glass of wheat grass juice is beneficial in cardiovascular conditions as it is known to have dilating effect on the blood vessels, hence promising a better blood circulation and less risk of heart diseases.
  2. Fenugreek consumed either as herb (the leaves) or as a spice (the seeds) has a strong modulating effect on blood lipid levels and can substantially reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and abnormal blood clots. 
  3. A teaspoonful of the powdered fenugreek seeds taken with lukewarm water is also considered good for heart.
  4. Administering a teaspoon of powdered arjuna bark twice daily along with water or milk is considered an effective remedy for heart disease.
  5. Daily eating 5-6 soaked almonds followed by a hot glass of milk early morning is a useful remedy for heart ailments.
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